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    Battle field hardline map rotation mods

    ANYONE find a way to have multipul game modes preset on a server, so it can go from hotwire to blood money, to heist... without having to manually add the listed maps for each mode. I switch a map and it loads an entire set of modes, as opposed to just the map... example i'm on downtown blood money, and we voteman using xvotemap to change maps to heist grow... there seems to be no way to do this. The only way is to go manually into pcron and set the server maps to heist, then select the map grow.

    Any way to fix this i would be happy. Im also looking to have every map and game mode on the server so it rotates through them all. I attempted to add all the maps to the server list yet this did not work.

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    I assume that DICE will fix the problem so that no mod will be necessary. It's a new game and you know, given past experience, that it will take 30 patches to the server and 15 patches to the clients before everything works properly.

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    and you can try UltimateMapManager plugin, works pretty good and you can assign different preset for each map/mode



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