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    How to connect Battlefield Hardline Server to Procon ( Need Help )

    Hello, need help connecting server Battlefield Hardline, to procon.

    I have the latest version, but when I put the information connection, does not want to get in on.

    My Server is from 4netplayers, and I try it with FTP information, is this the correct information ?

    Please, someone with 4netplayers server, to indicate what data I needed to connect.


    PD: is already running, you can close. Regards
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    You have solved your issue. But, to help others in the future, you need to provide either the game server's rcon connection information without a user name (if connecting directly to the game server) or the layer server's connection information with user name (if connecting to a layer server).

    If you don't know the connection information, ask your game server or layer server provider.



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