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    Battlefield Hardline Patchnotes & Latest Server Docs

    R10 (599759) - January 12
    - Getaway DLC

    R9 (578901) - November 3
    - Blackout DLC

    R8 (568513) - September 16th
    - Robbery DLC

    R7 (547660) - June 17th
    - “Netcode” improvements including Projectile tick improvements.
    - Addressed some stability issues identified by BugSentry during live server monitoring.
    - Fixed an issue where servers could run map/mode combinations that are not part of the experience setting.

    R4 (537093) - May 5th
    - Fixed the input button "Quick Play" for network mode "Capture" and "Quest Team"
    - Fixed a crash when using the "Mode hacker"
    (Lovely Google translation from the Russian Battlelog)

    R3 (532516) - April 28th

    - Fixed an issue with server customization settings for certain game modes.
    - Added ability to clear and save a maplist when using the remote console server controls.
    - Increased the size of the text character limit for the MP map lists.

    R2 (525698) - March 16th

    Server Docs
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