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    Today, New Update (Holidaypatch).

    Please update this app Leomar :-)

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    Yep needs an update for the new map!
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    Thanks, I will update ASAP.

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    Are you able to add a "Medal of Honor warfighter" ? or is the source code available for me to port it? I know its and older game and a few do still play it, would be great if this would connect to Procon for MOH warfighter.

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    Procon App for BF4 has not been working as it should for several months now. Server is loading, but no more plugins visible, no settings, nothing. Is there an update planned? Latest news ... App works with current server version R55 ..., but server version is currently R61 !!!!! Would be really bad, because, like others, I paid for the app. And we currently have 2 BF4 servers running.

    Procon App für BF4 funktioniert seit einigen Monaten nicht mehr so wie es soll. Server wird geladen, aber keine Plugins mehr sichtbar, keine Einstellungen, nichts. Ist noch ein Update geplant? Letzte Neuigkeit ... App funktioniert mit aktueller Serverversion R55 ... , aber Serverversion ist aktuell R61 !!!!! Wäre echt schlecht, denn, so wie andere auch, habe ich für die App gezahlt. Und wir haben aktuell noch 2 BF4 Server laufen.

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    The developer for the mobile app is no longer working on it. His last post was 2 years ago. Everything has an end, and it appears the procon mobile app has ended.

    These forums themselves were planned to close this month but some of the moderators stepped in to keep things running.

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    Android version isn't pc port but for me it's better



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