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    TrueBalancer [v0.7.6] (28 Oct 2010)

    This is the Plugin vor MoH and BFBC2.
    To get the BF3 Plugin go to:


    Plugin Description:
    This plugin is used to autobalance Teams in BC2 (Rush, Conquest, SquadRush) and in all Gamemodes in MoH.
    It will switch the last player who joined the team.

    Things you have to know:
    Because Procon/BC2/MoH doesn't have a variable which contains the join time of the players, the join time is being recorded, when the Plugin starts. This means, that when TrueBalancer is turned on, all players allready on the server get the same JoinTime. This can lead to that, that the first Balances could be random, because these players -joined- at the same time.
    How many Warnings? --- Minimum Value = 1
    Allow Player Diffrence of --- Minimum Value = 1 --- Because if the diffrence is 1 the teams are still balanced.
    Time between Warnings in sec --- Minimum Value = 5
    Enable Whitelist --- Yes/No
    Whitelist Name --- Name of VIP-Players

    Explaining the Settings:

    How many Warnings = 2
    Time between Warnings in sec = 20
    This means, that the Autobalance will kick in in 20*2 = 40 seconds.

    Known Issues:

    - Using any other plugin which changes a player to the other team's side will give this player a new JoiningTeamTime. TrueBalancer can't filter out at the moment, if a player changed side by himself or has been forced to change by another Plugin.


    Fixe a bug in SquadRush, where the player was not put into a squad.
    SquadRush supportet now too. Option available to turn of ingame warnings (Only message shown ingame is the balance message for the moved player.). If a gametype is not supported, it will be shown only at the beginning of a round.
    Changed the way my plugin handles the timer to make it more PRoCon like. Should fix some problems, where the timer didn't react.
    Changed the Plugin to the new API and made the Plugin available for MoH. A huuuuuge "THANK YOU" to Phouge who helped me through the whole day! The Plugin is also available through Package Manager via Procon!
    If the balancer gets triggered at the end of a round and the teams are unbalanced (no matther when) next round, the autobalancer will balance teams without warnings in the new round.
    This is fixed with this update.
    Made some changes in the code to avoid some debuginfo braking the code.
    (Hopefully) Fixed: After the server crashes, TrueBalancer was acting strange.
    NEW: Added Whitelist.
    Fixed: TrueBalancer started near the end of a round causing some strange behaviour while maploading.
    Fixed: Player getting twice the playersID.
    Fixed: Possible roundstart bug, where the TeamIDs got mixed up. (Causing a Warning Message at round start without a reason and if the Warning Interval is set very small also balancing without reason.)
    If a player gets teambalanced, he/she is locked for the AutoBalancer and will not be balanced again. The player will be unlocked for the AutoBalancer again by changing teams manually or by rejoining the server.
    0.2 --> 0.3
    FIX to avoid TeamID missmatch on roundstart.
    0.1 --> 0.2
    Making the script more safe against dataloss.
    0.1 (NEW RELEASE)

    - Waiting for some Community wishes!


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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.2 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    Did some small fixes. If you get an error while comlining download the new Zip - File. Should be fixed now.

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    The one and only Bassyboy
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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.2 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    Panther, testing it now.
    Will report back!
    I won't do support via PM: if you need help, make a topic on the public forums.

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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.3 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)


    new Version 0.3 is out.

    It fixes possible TeamID missmatch on the beginning of a round which issued possible Warnings even if the teams are even.

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    The one and only Bassyboy
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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.3 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    Updated & testing.
    Found no issues so far... but server is full the whole time...
    I won't do support via PM: if you need help, make a topic on the public forums.

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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.3 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    i tested it yesterday the wole day and last night. Autobalancer kicked in more often and everything worked out fine.

    But today same problem. Server full all the time .

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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.3 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    I'll try to test it tonight.

    Chill n Kill Gaming -

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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.3 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    Version 0.4 will be out shortly.
    --> Locking balanced players to net get balanced again. Unlocking if they change team manually or rejoin the server.

    Edit: Version 0.4 release!

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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.4 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    Is there any plans for a Whitelist for players and/or Tags to prevent being switched?

    Chill n Kill Gaming -

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    Re: TrueBalancer v0.4 (TeamBalance for Rush & Conquest)

    good idea, i will put this on the ToDo list for future updates.

    But first i would like to get some more FeedBack if the core-programm is working as it should.
    For now, it looks like it is.



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