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    Is this thread / plugin even being monitored by anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BalboaCZ View Post
    Is this thread / plugin even being monitored by anyone?
    I would say yes and no. It's an old plugin that probably doesn't see much attention anymore. I actually just tried to install it along with Kill Streaks, Map Vote for BC2, however they don't seem to work/show up in the Plugin libary in Procon. However I installed Server Kills which is newer and for BF3 and BF4, and that one seemed to work. I'm wondering if these older plugins are not compatible with the new version of Procon. I wish somebody could confirm that.

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    This plugin works for us even with latest procon version

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    I'm asking for help.
    I accidentally deleted the line [text to the right of Balancing Message] in the plugin's settings.
    Removing and installing the plugin did not restore this line.


    I ask you to write the text of this line here.
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    I found this:
    and recorded from the screenshot:

    HTML Code:
    AUTOBALANCING TEAMS NOW! (Last Team Joiner: %MovedPlayer%)

    Is everything correct?



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