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    [FREE] On-Spawn Loadout Enforcer for Infantry/Vehicles - AdKatsLRT []

    The Loadout Enforcer is now

    This is the next level auto-admin, it acts On-Spawn, stopping usage of restricted weapons/gadgets/non-lethals/vehicle items before they become an issue. It can restrict attachments on weapons, like bipods and flashlights, or items other auto-admins can't detect at all, like smoke/flares. Vehicle weapons and upgrades can be restricted as well.

    All 3,500 infantry/vehicle weapons and equipment items in the game can be controlled, with customizable messages for each item. Settings allow for enforcement of problem players only, or all players, with per-item gradation of that severity.

    REQUIREMENTS: No Requirements.
    This plugin does NOT require the AdKats base plugin. They are designed to work together but are not required to, using it with the base plugin just unlocks more advanced features.

    • Normal
      • Enforce every infantry item (any primary, secondary, attachments, gadgets, knifes, and grenades) in the game, on-spawn.
      • Enforce every vehicle item (primaries, secondaries, countermeasures, optics, and gunner options) in the game, on-spawn, or on kill with specific vehicles.
      • Map/Mode specific enforcement options for mixed-mode servers are available.
      • Any update made to the game's weapons are automatically imported and made available, so if DICE changes or adds weapons, they are immediately enforceable.
      • Players notified and thanked when they fix their loadouts after being killed.
      • Customizable kill messages for each denied item, with combined messages and details if more than one is spawned in the same loadout.
      • Statistics on enforcement, including percent of players enforced, percent killed for enforcement, percent who fixed their loadouts after kill, and percent who quit the server without fixing their loadouts after kill.

    • Advanced Features With AdKats
      • Two levels of enforcement, allowing multiple levels of severity for each item.
      • In-game admin command to call more strict loadout enforcement on specific players.
      • In-game admin command to fetch and display a specific player's loadout.
      • Using the reputation system, reputable players are optionally not forced to change their loadouts, as we assume they are not going to use restricted items.
      • Admins are optionally whitelisted from spawn enforcement, but still fall under trigger enforcement if marked or punished.
      • Other plugins can call loadout checks and enforcement, so it can enhance your current auto-admin.

    All 3500 items in the game:

    This is a battlelog intensive plugin, so do not run it on more than one battlefield server from the same Procon layer IP address. If you have multiple servers to enforce, you must run the plugin from different PRoCon layer IP addresses. If you do not heed this warning, your layers run the risk of being temporarily IP banned from battlelog.

    Install: (Read the installation instructions below)

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