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    Quote Originally Posted by TMiland View Post
    Something might have changed since the last patch, but it should work on most of the weapons.

    I have added maybe too many, so keep it simple and leave out the less "important" info to not make it too spammy.
    It is up to the terms of the arms when I U Slam the term box will be displayed.
    If only Slam is because it does not go.
    Can you irgeendwie so do not change the Server in U_Slam term stands directly but only Slam ???

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    the c4 and clyamore message does not work i need help knife mesasge work great

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    i tried the 2nd code with sendglobal message in chat, not as yell. But the code is not working. what am i doing wrong? i set evaluate to on kill and action to none.

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    set the virtual mode to false in your insane limits main settings
    Developer of the VIP Slot Manager Plugin

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    Does this work for BF4? i keep getting an 77a7ce61a0f79c4e3fe6636603fa82ad.pngerror



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