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    No Russians can join our server or any Nitrado servers, what?

    Anyone encounter this problem? It started some a week ago after the latest server patch. I'm not sure if it is our server provider (nitrado) or DICE who added something weird.

    Well, basically every Russians who tries to join our server gets a punkbuster error, more specific:

    "Game disconnected: Client closed down connection. Check your network connection and make sure that port 3659 (UDP) is open."

    This happens to ALL RUSSIANS. I know it sounds weird, but there are absolutly no Russians on the server at all. There is no region lock or kick on the server either. Again, this happens to other nitrado servers aswell.

    Other nitrado servers confirmed not working for russians:

    No wonder we had problem seeding last few days. We have a lot of Russians playing on our server from time to time. Plus 3 of our top 10 players on server are Russians.
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    Maybe Nitrado has banned a range of Russian IP's due to DDoS attacks? I'd ask Nitrado if they're blocking any IP range from Russia!
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    That was my first thought as well, because there's been no blaze or crashes since, lol

    Wrote to them already, but the support is sloooow.

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    One of my servers is at nitrado. They really seem to block all russian players. This started about one week ago.
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    Indeed, they did block the Russian IPs, but seems like they removed them again after my mail

    "We've blocked some Russian IP ranges due large DDoS attacks. We removed them now from our firewall blacklist."
    Now wondering when the next blaze/crash will happen. At least I know some of my russian friends will be happy again now.



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