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    Well that's why I never added any important plugins while using it.

    BFRCON had been discontinued since last summer, the developer dissapeared, it was just a matter of time for the website to go offline, I am surprised he kept paying the server costs for so long.

    Personally I only used it to see the traffic graph (It is a lot more detailed than Gametracker's) and to see the number of players who had our server on Favorites/Bookmarks.

    Again, I suggest you change your RCON password on your server, just in case, who knows where that info may end.
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    Since I do not speak in English I find it difficult to explain my thoughts to bf4db admins.
    Admins who have thought about the ban for "glitch" on 3rd floor at A on Metro (BF4) and other "gray area glitches", please leave a comment on this issue here:

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    ^^^^^ off topic i think ^^^^^

    only reason i was using it was for the !rank system other than that i use the Procon tool



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