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    [Idea] New method for Server adative

    Hello ,

    I have an idea that we can make the slots change and maybe someone can create a plugin based off this idea. I think it will be close but not the same as server adative plugin. We currently have our game servers with so I do not know about your setup. Oh btw We have been with them a long time and never had any issues they are awsome!.

    So here is what I tested with.

    1 66 slot BF4 server > Cleared the maplist and changed the map to defuse and that changed the slot count to 10 from 64 slots. The same goes for Conquest small 32 slots and then changed it to Conquest large back to 64. Please note that if you have a mixture of maps I belive it will remain at the largest slot count.

    So the idea is if we can have a plugin that changes the maps based off the player slot counts maybe we have a fighting chance to populate our server.

    I know for it is kinda wierd to go from defuse to TDM ,CQ large but maybe we can have it for people to have a CQ server they can go from CQ small to large so if we have a 32 player size and expands to 64 player size when it reaches a limit. I hope this can get the wheels turning.
    so basicly this would be controlled by maplist .
    Thanks for reading

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    Hi, i am running the Ultimate map manager, and have 2 70 slot servers, server #1 starting with conquest if it's 32 players or less, then it switches to conquest large. On server #2 i have Conquest large all the time.

    The player slots does not change as far as i can see, and it has taken quite a while to get it started today!

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    yes slots change comment out #vars.maxplayerslot

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    Are you running Official mode, VBK-Clan? There might be a server size change depending on which maps are in cycle but it definitively doesn't work on a Ranked Server.
    You could use Ultimate Map Manager with different map cycles depending on how many players are playing on the server.
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    64 slots mixed Classic mode BF4
    32 slots rush mode BF3

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    Hello yesterday'm working on option
    now try with Ultimate Map Manager
    Not all servers work with Official
    thank you greeting

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    you need to comment out the vars.player in startup.txt and put 10x conquestlarge map and on last place a domination e.g. so you start with 20 , if 20 players change last map to cq small/rush you have 32 slots and if 32 slot reached remove the 11th map from cycle. player count changes instant.



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