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    Angry BF4 Procon on android

    When are we getting a update that supports BF4 on android I have a server that I must manage and this sucks because iPhone can do it already. So please admin tell us what is going on. Thank you

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    Unfortunately there isn't much we can do. The app isn't managed by MyRcon, but rather Leomar.

    I know this isn't the answer you were after, but my suggestion would be to try and contact him directly to see what he is doing an update.

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    There will be a bf4 Droid Procon Edition. Unfortunately in the past 2 years i worked in the oilfield industry (12 hours per day) in the middle of nowhere without internet connection. Now i moved for work in Doublin i will have time for developing again.

    I apologize guys, I would like just to say that i did the best for keeping bf3 updated. Unfortunately there are several ppl that didn't realize droid procon in google play market is just for BF3 even though it is stated everywhere in the description in the app logo,...

    Nevertheless, the most important thing is that during the last weekend i started working on the code again.

    Keep in touch guys.


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