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    HC/Classic + Inf Only or reduced vehicles - is it possible?

    Anyone know if this is possible, at all?

    I've tried to fiddle around with InsaneLimits and added some of the stuff discussed in other topics (quite old topics).

    Found this answer recently:

    Does this still imply - that it can ONLY be Inf Only mode preset, and nothing else?
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    Classic + Inf Only would be awesome! Then we could resurrect the infamous BF2 64-player inf only Jalalabad servers!
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    Yeah, it would! Annoying thing with "Inf Only" preset is that it is basically "Normal" preset without vehicles. There seems no way of making it "Classic" preset? So you either have to run it with normal preset settings to make it infantry only or server will become custom = empty.

    This server somehow manage to disable most vehicles and still keep classic preset. I did the same with InsaneLimits, but server kept going into custom mode?
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    Bump! I know it is possible (check previous BL server link), anyone know how? Papa?

    I've emailed the admins on the Alliance server (, but they are not replying. Probably don't wanna share their secret. :-(

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