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    Best metro rules or not??

    Ihave play in many bf3 metro servers when admin there set rules:no explosive is allowed.Icant understand whats problem this
    this guys have??They have forbidden xbow too.I can say this admins is really noob.The best metro rules is set granade,rpg,smaw in spam nade kills for hole team.And i set c4 and claymore limit max 2 kills in 60 sec,3rd kills punish.
    Mortar/GP-30/M320/Explosive not allowed,i set rules for this and this works greatI set limits for:machinegunner:LSAT,
    M60,TYPE88,PECHENEG,M240,M249.This weapon in this map is for the worst campersIhave sniper limits and shotgun limits.I say it again forbidden all explosive/and use this machinegunner in this map,do that players camps more and players never moved forward in game.The most weapon shall be allowed,and better feeling to play,and more fun!No camping in MetroBlaze

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    I don't really see the point of this topic.

    If you think you can do it better, start your own BF3 Metro server with your own set of rules and forbidden weapons. The Xbow isn't allowed on my Metro server either.

    I know I banned you from my server, back in September, for continuous whining... day in day out



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