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    HTTP and PRocon as Service


    When i enable HTTP on my procon server i only get a blank page when trying to open from a webbrowser...
    Any tricks here?

    I tried to run procon as a service on my Windows Server 2003 R2. Runs fine but how to i change plugins?
    If I open procon on the same server then it seems to be 2 sessions.
    So what ever i do in my second session doesn't change anything in my Service Session.
    So what is the trick here when running as a service. Where to manage plugins?

    I run as a service because i want procon to start properly after restart of my host. Procon is running in a virtual environment
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    The internal procon HTTP server is very basic, and not complete, do not expect full functionality.

    I think this is implemented completely in procon 2, but i'm not sure about that.

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    The HTTP server doesn't do much, as CCC said.
    If you run Procon as a service, enable the Procon layer (launch the UI and enable the layer via the "Accounts" tab first before restarting). You can then connect the Procon client on your computer to the Procon layer (your virtual server) instead of the gameserver and manage plugins via the "Parent Layer Control" tab.

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