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    Server Ownership Transfer

    I've ran this server since BF4 launch:

    It's located in Dallas and hosted by NFO -

    It's fairly popular running Official Conquest but not so much trying to run Ranked due to not having a big seeder group to get it going when it's empty. The server's been up since launch day and has the original server guid, which means people who have it in their favorites and/or history would continue having it there once it's transferred to you. This would be the benefit in taking over this server vs starting a new one.
    I have cancelled the server and it's due to go offline Oct 3rd but if anyone who's thinking of starting a server would like to take over the server, I'd be willing to give it to you on Oct 1st. The cost of this server, 70 slots - 64 players, 2 commander, and 4 spectator slots is $91.88 per month. This includes an extra $10 per month for CPU priority.
    If someone would like to take over this server, you could do whatever you like with the slots, location, and/or CPU priority as it would be yours to do so. There's an option, "transfer server to another account" in the control panel and I would use that option to pass the server to you. I would have nothing to do with the server once this takes place. Keep in mind that payment of $91.88 is due on Oct 3rd unless you were to take ownership of server and change slot number or whatever you choose to do.
    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can send me a PM on battlelog or hit me up at website
    If you need help learning how to manage a server, I would be glad to help you get started.



    Server has been transferred.
    I hope it serves well!

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