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    Congratulations, Phogue.
    Good luck on the new road you're traveling.


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    Congratulations! Well deserved for a great programmer!

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    Congrats well deserved and again hope this means some great back end tools for future releases.

    Drop me a line if you ever need me to send you some vegemite or timtams

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    congrags phogue

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    Congrats man!. Please tell me that you are not gonna join DICE to screw us over like they are doing? Hopefully you can be our voice and tell them that not being able to control the server that we pay for will be their demise.
    Good Luck and thanks for everything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crookbond View Post
    Congrats man!. Please tell me that you are not gonna join DICE to screw us over like they are doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkLord7854 View Post
    Did you not get the memo about your company collectively screwing over all people, especially all nice fellows in this community?
    Damn, if you're this mean to us without executive order, I don't want to find out what happens once you see the "official approval of douchebaggery"

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    Quote Originally Posted by darklord7854 View Post
    fix the netcode!
    I started at DICE late Oct. 2014, so ignore every post before that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phogue View Post
    fix the netcode!
    What do you think I got you hired for..?



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