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    Setting the default to 2 was pretty dumb, but at least it is settable. Why the cheat detection software uses temp ban instead of permanent ban, I don't know.
    PB by itself doesn't really ban anyone and there's no configuration to auto ban for cheaters. The 2 minutes kick is for everything...including if your PB (client side) is not up to date or is corrupt or there's some communication error. Do NOT increase PB_SV_KickLen to higher than 2 minutes or you'll find legit players being kept from playing even after they fix their PB. For more info refer to

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasonpb View Post
    Although PB screenshots aren't that large in size, we pay for 100% of our data usage (in/out) so shooting off thousands of screenshots a day tends to add up. I've also found the screenshots to be pretty much useless, out of the thousands captured you'd be lucky to find one that has any form of evidence in it, so why even collect them and why make that a requirement of joining.
    As EBassie already mentioned, SS for BF4 are some kind of useless, we havent caught one cheat with it. But we are streaming the SS from our bf3 and 4 servers to pbscreens since 2 months, and in bf3 we have caught a lot of cheaters since then. Its not expensive setting up the streaming there, maybe this could be useful for you as well IF you want to give the SS another try someday. They scan the SS for you, you just have to look at their website every now and then and then ban the cheaters on your server



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