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    Output from plugin.ConsoleWrite()?

    The app works great, and I use it often to check up on my BF4 game server and procon layer server when I am anywhere that I do not have access to the Procon desktop client. I wonder if the iOS version will be getting support for showing more of the output from the plugins that I typically see when using the desktop client.

    For instance, most of the chat echoes of messages that are sent to individual players by my plugins are not shown in the events or chat stream, and I don't see messages when certain plugins fire, like my "no ping kicker," although I know that they write console messages and events both. Basically I can only see through the events and chat tabs the events coming from the game server itself, and the chat messages sent directly on in-game channels like the teams or all.

    Are there any plans to add or enhance one of the logging tabs in the app so that we can see all of the messages from plugins that we would see using the desktop client to monitor a layer server?

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    Feature additions are not really planned at the moment. Some extended functions will probably remain exclusive for the desktop version of Procon.



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