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    EntraVenuS Feedback

    seems like mine has the password in but no username plus the link to log in doesn't contain my community link in (sorry i didnt read the full email about the community link.) My Bad


    Dear philip hallam,

    Your order for Self Hosted (Free, DIY) has now been activated. Please keep this message for your records.

    You can login to your Procon instance via the UI at[Short Community Name] (I still have to work out how to include this here so you can just click on the link)

    You can login with the following credentials, but we advise you change them as soon as possible.

    Password: xxxxxxxxxx (password deleted for security reasons)
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    Please create an own thread if you intend to give more detailed feedback
    As already mentioned in your support ticket, you've entered the details of your Procon 1 Layer, not the Procon 2 Potato (as described in the setup documentation you've checked to have follow )

    Before posting: Have you read the MANUAL?
    Before posting: Have you used the SEARCH?

    I will not provide support through PMs or TeamSpeak. Please post your questions in our forums.



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