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    Quote Originally Posted by 397Seth View Post
    I switched to

    Check one:
    (12 <= player.KillsRound && player.KillsRound < 20 && player.KdrRound >= 4.0)
    || (20 <= player.KillsRound && player.KillsRound < 30 && player.KdrRound >= 3.0)
    || (player.KillsRound >= 30 && player.KdrRound >= 2.5)
    Check two:
    if (server.PlayerCount > 22) {
    	plugin.SendPlayerMessage(killer.Name, plugin.R("Attention %p_n%! Your RoundKD is too high. Killed for balance"));
    	plugin.PRoConChat(killer.Name + ": Your RoundKD is too high");
    	plugin.KillPlayer(killer.Name, 2);
    return false;
    But I remeber you telling me that this should also have a treat count as one. If that's the case it would collide with the No RPG Limit on Locker and Domination.

    Is there a way around that?
    Did I say that? Not sure why, this limit doesn't need treat-as-one. Only single actions that can have multiple kills, like explosives, need that.
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