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    The number one priority is to "Get the absolute basics rock solid". It's not at the moment, so that's the focus.

    You should wait for your desired feature before buying the service. Use the freebie until it's stable and feature rich enough for you.

    Roadmap, upcoming features or work to be completed. This will be added to a lot. I'll try to keep it updated.

    In no order of priority:
    • Frostbite settings/map list editor plugin
    • History (events) searching
    • History (events) output
    • Medal of Honor support
    • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 support
    • Teamfortress 2 support
    • Flair (Icons next to players names denoting account held)
    • UI Optimization
    • UI cross-browser support
    • UI Responsive (Phone)
    • Include Ads in free version(s?) to recoup upkeep
    • Include CI to test builds prior to deployment
    • Bug tracker
    • Include kill feed in chat, but not in a terrible way like Procon Frostbite. Something clever and unobtrusive.

    Working on
    • Plugin SDK (It's easy to write plugins but hard to setup the environment right now)
    • Setup/Welcome screen to help get your started

    • 25/08/14 Move components to bower
    • 25/08/14 Convert css to scss
    • 26/08/14 Added a "Have you read the instructions" checkbox when signing up to self hosted Procon
    • 26/08/14 Renamed products on to match those on
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