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    Ihave one question??

    I will players in server can search in chat/see if admin online or not.Can i create a code in insanelimits/proconrules??My admin name shall shows so they can see,and know if i online or notBlaze

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    Hmmmm, maybe I will write AIAS (Advanced Ingame Admin System) soon for such things :P
    So far, you can use this link:

    There's part about admins online and On Say;Text admin for ProconRulz. I think it should be the right option for you, right?

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    This can be done in Insane Limits, not sure about Procon Rulz since I don't use that.

    The following limit will list all ingame players with a PRoCon account that can Kill, Kick, Ban, Move & Change Maps. These players are considered Admins.

    The command is:

    The command can be either uppercase or lowercase and can be proceeded with /, !, @, /! or /@

    List Ingame Admins

    Create a new limit to evaluate OnAnyChat. Set action to None.

    Set first_check to this Expression:
    Set second_check to this Code:
    // List Ingame Admins
    // Extract the command
    String command = plugin.ExtractInGameCommand(player.LastChat);
    // Remove excessive command prefixes
    if ((command.Length != 0) && (plugin.ExtractCommandPrefix(command).Length != 0)) command = plugin.ExtractInGameCommand(command);
    // Make sure the command really exists
    if (null == command || command.Length == 0) return false;
    // Match on !listadmins, !listtax and !listvips
    if (!Regex.Match(command, @"^\bLISTADMINS\b", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase).Success) return false;
    command = command.ToLower().Trim();
    // Find and list all ingame Admins
    List<PlayerInfoInterface> allPlayers = new List<PlayerInfoInterface>();
    List<String> admins = new List<String>();
    bool canKill = false;
    bool canKick = false;
    bool canBan = false;
    bool canMove = false;
    bool canChangeLevel = false;
    if (server.Gamemode == "SquadDeathMatch0")
    foreach (PlayerInfoInterface p in allPlayers)
        if (p.Role == 0)
            if (plugin.CheckAccount(p.Name, out canKill, out canKick, out canBan, out canMove, out canChangeLevel))
                if (canKill && canKick && canBan && canMove && canChangeLevel)
    if (admins.Count > 0)
        plugin.SendPlayerMessage(player.Name, "Ingame Admins:");
        for (int i = 0; i < admins.Count; i++)
            plugin.SendPlayerMessage(player.Name, "> " + admins[i]);
        plugin.SendPlayerMessage(player.Name, "No Admins ingame!");
    return false;

    End of post!
    Last edited by LCARSx64; 20-08-2014 at 13:26. Reason: Updated code so that it will only show Admins that are playing, not Commanders or Spectators.



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