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    [off topic]Hardline is delayed

    I heard hardline will be delayed till 2015. Feel like EA finally is doing something right! But still, I wonder how many of you guys are going to step in hardline? (Get a server?) At least I am not interested in it.

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    Wasn't it out the same month as gta? If it was I think thats a factor. Ill most likely not get a server but that depends on how many in the clan get it.

    I am 50/50 on getting the game, though If I do I won't buy Premium or make the mistake of buying a dlc. DLC fragmentation is the death of the two big fps for PC, for me anyway.

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    So the beta was actually a beta?! Great! Glad to see they are using that time to push corrections to their product and make it worth more than just a reskin of BF4.

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    not going to buy it anyway nor a server for it.

    EA/DICE lost my trust and needs to do better to get it back.



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