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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Emoticon protocol for forum discontent

    In order to increase efficiency for the Procon forum, I propose the following lexicon for the most common forum complaints, whines, winges, flames, flings and general discontent. By using this protocol, tedious repetition of the same complaints can be reduced to a single symbol, rather than the usual blah, blah, blah, increasing forum efficiency by over 9000%.

    In future, please use these emoticons to convey the designated meanings:

    - DICE only cares about consoles.

    - My server Blazed for the Nth time (specify N, e.g., 3 )

    - Battlelog is rigged to prevent my server from filling up.

    - Procon no work, help!

    - Release X introduced an exploit/cheat/hack/glitch/lag/rubber-banding (specify X, e.g., 26)

    - Any progress on fixing the black screen/lag/rubber-banding/glitch/bug/crash?

    - I cannot connect to/logon to/use/change my layer/game server, help!

    - The forum is down/broken/deleted my account/banned me/lost my post, aka :ike:

    In order to distinguish ordinary usage of emoticons from this protocol, ordinary usage shall be escaped with the emoticon as a prefix. For example, if you want to express rage over Germany's win over France in the World Cup, use , as use of just by itself would convey a problem with connecting with your layer.
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    and . This is since . I tried to look here for an solution but . While again my and

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