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    my messages dont go away on the screen. how do you fix that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomsayer View Post
    my messages dont go away on the screen. how do you fix that?
    This plugin was designed for BC2. You are using it for BF3. In BC2, yell duration was counted in milliseconds. In BF3, yell duration is counted in seconds. So, a 1 second yell in BC2 is a 1000 second yell in BF3.

    The code needs to be updated to specifically support BF3.

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    oh ok, thanks

    is there anybody here that can do that or does the original plugin creator have to do that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by POSA-BE View Post
    I so love this motivation plug-in and i am recieving great comments from the players, buth i have a small problem. Some parts in my Yell is in dutch and the rest is in english? I have searched without any reslult how 2 fix this... Maybe it is so because my server is located in the netherlands? Plz reply asap - great work by the way

    By the way - It's a BF3 server
    If you are using this with BF3, care to share your code with us? Maybe we can help you with the language and you can help us with the "seconds" time changes.

    I have been trying to get this to work. I eihter get it to where it doesn't show up or it repeats itself every single second over and over, lol.

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    Still waiting for a working BF3 version

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    i tried PM'ing the plugin creator but i haven't gotten a response and thats been about 2 weeks i think.

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    Matter of interest - I dont have procon running at the mo - can you set the Duration Inbetween Display (minutes) to a small number ?

    Default is 2.5 times 60000 = 150000 in miliseconds.

    Can you set to 0.000025 ?

    This would then make
    this.displayTimer.Interval = this.displayLeaders * 60000;

    1.5 seconds = 0.000025 * 60000

    <mutters> its a double, so it should work....

    Also the plugin doesnt know about the many (32) squads


    So its gonna frizt anyway..
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    Game nick Volo_Mortis
    Read the manual ?

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    so can somebody that knows how to program plugins make a update to this so it will recognize all the squads and yell who is winning?

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    I just activated this plugin to tryout the changes that happened because of the new server versions (R20) and it works nice so far... far: You can setup the duration between Display in minutes, I got no problems if I use the chat option. Did not try it with yell yet as I only want a chat display, yell is for important things ^^

    I'd just love to change the text, it shows ace pin and gold squad pin in the text, a little outdated in bf3 times...
    So, anyone here who is familiar with editing existing codes?




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