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    Sniperlimit kick and Spamlimiter Projektiles Explosives

    Hi people,

    took exactly 2 little problems and now start with the first.

    Sniper Limit:
    I need to optimize the sniper limit scipts. As it often happens that many players despite assigned slot and the resulting Kill (which is not even counted) still play Sniper.

    would be nice a Counter 3 kills / kick.

    Spam Limiter:

    Got a spam limiter inserted all the projectile Explosive Kills after 6x kicks.
    Unfortunately, falls below the Cruize missile from the commander.
    Can you omit this weapon anyway?

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    Please do not cross-post the same request in multiple forums. Closing this thread in favor of the one in Plugin Development.
    Don't send me private messages (PMs) unless you really need privacy, like your game server password. If you just have a question or need help, post in one of the threads. It's extra work for me to answer questions and give help in private messages and no one else gets the benefit of the answer.



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