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    Proconrulz how to block user with proconrulz script manualy?

    I tried to block specific users temporarily using If %p% == "PlayerID" but dont work, i wrote some like follows

    On Kill;If %p%=="PlayerID";kick %p% NOT ALLOWED AT THIS SERVER BY THE MOMENT
    On Join; If %p%=="PlayerID";kick %p% NOT WELCOME AT THIS SERVER AT THIS MOMENT

    May be some wrong with the sintax? please help.

    I also are trying to make a script to allow only 8 specific playersID for tournament reasons any idea how to make this using a IDs list.?

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    %p% is player name. What are you using as a 'PlayerID'? PlayerID should not have quotations around it. For instance 'If %p%=="ty_ger07";' would not kick ty_ger07. It would only kick "ty_ger07" (a player name with quotations in it).

    You could also do this directly on the game server by adding the player name as a badname in your punkbuster pbsv.cfg file and reboot your game server or restart punkbuster on the game server manually.
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    thanks so i need to quit quotation marks? i want to do this by script no by server game to have more control automatically not to add every player to de ban list. i plan to generate proconrulz code for block or allow users from a database using progaming tools like vb

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    Yes, no quotation marks.

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    it works thanks a lot



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