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    I've noticed a larger amount of Blaze disconnects this week. Anyone else?

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    No, all good here thankfully. But last time I said that, my server crashed.
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    Free BF3 is the best that could happen. My BF3 server has been populated since sunday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LumPenPacK View Post
    I had also a lot of bans the last few hours but I don't think it's a big problem since most of these bans were executed automatically by the plugins.

    I guess most of these new players won't pay for a cheat if they've just started BF3 only because it's free now. So most of them use some public hacks which can be detected very easily with the plugins we have.

    I suggest to use CheatDetector and adjust some settings with Advanced Mode, especially it's helpful to set the "Min Kills" and "Min Kills Live" setting to a lower value.

    PBSS (with pb_sv_AutoSs 1) and Metabans and some special Insane Limits take care of the rest.
    Mind share the advance setting for the cheatdetector? I'm planning to host bf3 soon and wish to get ready for the anti-cheat part.




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