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    Please help me get the server populated.


    I really need help now.. Please join this server, im not asking for a long time, you decide totally. But it would have been SOO appreciated!

    Hardcore preset, Conquest large, mixed maps. Sniper limit, votemap and more features! Server location - US. We're already 2 ingame. Please come by for a while!

    Alkaline-AA @ BattleLog
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    I've gone ahead and deleted the link out of your post. Almost everyone here has servers, and they have servers they would love to see filled on a daily basis.

    If I let you keep this post up asking for help filling, I have to leave everyone elses open too, and that would be a mess.

    Feel free to ask for tips on how to fill your server, and have a discussion about it, but letting you ask people to just join the server isn't going to happen.

    I would love to post my servers up on here every day and ask for help filling them, but I don't and the other 600 active members of this forum don't either.

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    We are all (most of us) in the same boat as you, when it comes to filling up our servers.

    Do you have trouble filling it up? What player size and maps do you use?



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