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    Suggestion for user handling improvement

    The app works fine. What I'm missing is a editable menue for "yell" messages. It wold be much easyer for a server admin if he wouldn't need to write 20 times per hour "NO C4 AT ELEVATORS" or other often used messages but choose them from a dropdown menue or pre-programmed buttons or whatever.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Congratulations to the dude who has coded the app. Works like a charm for me.


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    Thanks Cowboy! The dude who coded it was me and I'm always happy to hear that some people appreciate the app!

    Actually I had predefined kick and ban reasons implemented in an earlier version as a dropdown menu. Here's what it looked like:

    I found it pretty intuitive and helpful but unfortunally Apple rejected this addition because it was not compatible with the general iOS user interface guidelines or something - so I had to take it out again. Pretty frustrating, too.
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    Ahhh... To bad. But I like the App anyway. Its a great help administrating the server not having to leave the game (or tu minimize to desktop).



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