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Thread: hi help me?

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    hi help me?

    not working @exec server bf3 procon

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    Quote Originally Posted by roninbad View Post
    not working @exec server bf3 procon
    Could you maybe be more clear about your problem?
    What is it you want to do? What is not working exactly?

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    the problem I do not run the @ exec command to change settings

    example: @ excel shows me the list, this perfect function

    example: @ exec maplist1 this does not run

    I have already mapped folder settings in the Configs \ CInGameAdmin \ maplist1.cfg

    not change settings

    excuse my very bad igles

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    @exec doesn't work and hasn't for a long time. I think I filed a bug report about it at least 2 years ago.
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    Same problem got by me... few month ago... i don't get any solution.



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