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    Is it just me, or is getting DDos'd?

    Yesterday and today, between 9am and 10am (at least) PDT, it would take over a minute to refresh a browser page from The slow-down comes and goes.

    Maybe this is related to the maintenance event?

    Or maybe its a larger event? I did a speedcheck yesterday and had full speed on the west coast US, but east coast US was less than half speed, using New York and Washington DC test servers.
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    It's you I guess?

    If it was being DDoS'd, you would be redirected to a cloudflare cache of the page with a header to tell you that I think

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    Im experiencing exactly the same thing as Papa describes, between yesterday and today.

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    None of the Analytic's are showing ddos or other resource issues. Everything is in the green?

    It's also loading like normal from Aussie land.
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