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    Who Can Teach me Use ProconRulz - (V44 - 26-NOV-2013) [BF4, BF3]??

    i want to ban rpg for domination mode , anybody can teach em pls?? idk how to setting at all

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    1. Install the plugin and restart Procon.
    2. Set the settings as in the picture:
    3. Create a TXT file on your PC and name it as you like (on photo is "proconrulz_fishbone89.txt").
    4. In this file, enter this code:
    On Kill;Weapon U_RPG7;PlayerCount 1;Say Kicking %p% for using RPG;Kick NO RPG - read the rules!
    On Kill;Weapon U_RPG7;PlayerSay NO RPG - next time kick!;Kill 100
    5. Move this file to .../Procon/Plugins/BF4 on Procon FTP server.

    P.S. Weapon names you can find in BF4.def file, is located in ...\Procon\Configs on your PC.
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