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    pro tip: don't ASSume so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by xFaNtASyGiRLx View Post
    point taken, you can delete the posts I made in the signature thread and any other post i made trying to lighten this place up a bit.
    No! Don't do it!
    I visit this thread to admire your artworks every time I'm in a bad mood to get instantly happy.
    I think his post wasn't meant in that way you might have understood it.
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    Pro tip: end of discussion. This has ended in random spamming, just like I guess it would.
    Quite sad, actually.

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    Alright, so...I go away from my PC for 2 days, 2 single days, and I come back to this.

    To give anyone reading this some background.

    Some posts were deleted from this thread:

    Hexacanon, who has been warned multiple times, I have convinced people not to ban him before, and people have convinced me not to ban him before too was sent a PM informing him of the deleted posts, and ending with this statement:

    I'm asking you not to post on the forums for a couple of days. Read it all you want, but come back on Sunday morning with a clearer head. Kind of a self imposed banned, but not as public and you can still read.
    He violated this request, multiple times, even after being warned about violating it in a PM, the result was an actual one week ban from the forums.

    This thread was moved out of the BF4 server patch thread, to give room for discussion about it if anyone wanted it.

    Since then, we had a couple of posts having a nice sensible discussion about it, and some not so nice ones.

    The first of which was a user who registered and only posted 2 posts, the first one of which was anti-semitic, bigotry is not cool, its not acceptable and will not be tolerated here, this rule isn't open for discussion, feel free to PM or email me about it, but I'm never ever going to move from this position.

    Second thing that happened was that someone saw the second of the posts this user made, which granted, on its own, was not that bad, and stated that it was "unfun" to delete and ban the user. While I suspect this was just a misunderstanding, you can read what happened after that. Thing got out of hand, and the discussion went downhill.

    This thread is now locked, much like the past one which similarly "criticized" the moderation and the rules of this forum.

    I won't delete this thread, people can read it, people can form opinions on it, if anyone wants to have a discussion about the moderation of this forum, email me (ike (at) myrcon (dot) com), PM me, use the contact us form at the bottom of the page, post something nice and constructive. Do anything except flame others in public, or I'm just going to lock it.



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