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    Who here has a 64 player server that lags on the following conquest large maps

    Golmund, Paracel, Lancang, Hainan, Dragon pass, Caspian and Oman???

    I currently have 2 servers and both of them are
    64 players
    2 commander
    2 spec slots
    1 is located in CHI and the other is NYC. If the server has been up for around 5+ hours the maps above will lag. I haven't had Golmund, Lancang and Hainan in my normal rotation server for months now. I only leave Paracel in the rotation, and when everyone starts complaining about lag I remove it. My 2nd server is SA only, but I might have to change it because 2 of of the 4 maps lag.

    so who else has a problem with the maps listed above?
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    I run a 24/7 golmud railway and it stays up and full for long hours without any persistent lag. There's the occasional hiccup here and there but nothing that lasts.

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    What exactly do you mean by "lag"?

    In the old days (BF2), it only meant one thing, and everyone understood, but nowadays, I've seen "lag" used for everything from low FPS in graphics to rubber-banding without low FPS to slow texture fill without low FPS to delays in chat showing up. So which is it? A

    Are most players seeing the packet loss indicator symbol in the upper right corner of the screen?

    Looks like this:

    If so, there is a network congestion problem at or near the game server. That could be caused by several different problems:

    1) DDos against your server
    2) DDos to a server or network pipe downstream of your server
    3) Other network congestion problem at or downstream of your server (RSP datacenter problem)
    4) Misconfigured or under-provisioned server deployment
    5) DICE/Blaze back-end problems (any or all of the above)
    Don't send me private messages (PMs) unless you really need privacy, like your game server password. If you just have a question or need help, post in one of the threads. It's extra work for me to answer questions and give help in private messages and no one else gets the benefit of the answer.

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    I would say rubber banding lag. You run in one direction and then u are placed back a couple feet. This only happens on the maps I listed above. All the other maps run perfectly fine.

    I'm not sure if everyone is seeing that packet loss symbol or not. I'll have to get back to u on that.

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    Some of the chat log from my server on 6+ hours of up time. Map = Oman.
    [00:45:00] XXXXX > wtf rubberband
    [00:45:06] XXXXX > yeah
    [00:45:12] XXXXX > havent rubberbanded this bad since beta
    [00:45:14] XXXXX > yeah
    [00:45:16] XXXXX > so much lag
    [00:45:26] XXXXX > damn laggy
    [00:45:38] XXXXX > SO MUCH LAG
    [00:45:43] XXXXX > FUCK THIS....
    [00:45:47] XXXXX > what a fucking useless server
    [00:46:05] XXXXX > rubber banding like rubberbandman
    [00:46:17] XXXXX > the pings look about right
    [00:46:28] XXXXX > fucking servber
    [00:46:33] XXXXX > ooh, hardcore lag spike right there
    [00:47:01] XXXXX > jesus christ this lag is hurendis
    [00:47:41] XXXXX > who is lagging the server?
    [00:48:15] XXXXX > every server i've been in tonight has been rubber banding
    [00:48:21] XXXXX > i think it is dice not servers
    [00:48:42] XXXXX > this one has been great for the last 5 rounds or so.

    "-Fixed an issue with data re-sending that was causing rubber banding on some servers"
    maybe next time.

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    my friend, you might have a bad provider ?
    Feeding is my job.

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    After R28 and last client patch, I'm also seeing more players on my server complain of lag/rubberbanding as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HexaCanon View Post
    my friend, you might have a bad provider ?
    NFO is top-notch imo. I think if was something they were doing wrong then it would lag on every map, and not just those I posted about in the op.
    Quote Originally Posted by wihadmin View Post
    After R28 and last client patch, I'm also seeing more players on my server complain of lag/rubberbanding as well.
    Did this happen on the maps I posted above?

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    Yup. Since R28, my players are complaining that Oman is lagging. Problem is that it doesn't lag every time. Only sporadically. But it didn't lag before.



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