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    procon incredibly buggy and unforgiving

    free program great .... change one parameter don't get it correct plugin is fucked you can't right click ? seriously are we back to windows 3.1 ? and the plugins don't work 100% SPM kicks sometimes KDR kicks sometimes Accuracy kicker kicks sometimes and some of the live checks takes 11 visits to kick a hacker ? why is that ? plugins disappear and if you don't have a backup your fucked seriously who programmed this ray Charles ? you have donation link ? lol as a program on its own its unreliable buggy and sporadic at best and that being kind fix it or fucking bin it

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    Feeding is my job.

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    I must disagree and rely on procon a lot in managing my servers. You must be doing something wrong...

    Also, you are talking about plugins which are a PART of procon, not procon itself. So if you're having issues with a particular plugin- it is best to request help in that plugin's thread (different section of the forums).

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    I un-deleted this because I agree with OP, but locked it so it does not devolve further.

    It was made just as I took up smoking again during a three week mid semester break in uni four years ago to learn C#. I don't like the codebase and it's not enjoyable to work on, but for loading up and kicking some one from your server I still think it does the job. Everything else is gravy.
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