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Thread: Signature Sizes

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    Quote Originally Posted by EBassie View Post
    I think it was indeed changed because somebody thought it would be fantastic to have 6 or 8 of them....

    Why not just use these nice small ones?

    PS: I disabled all signatures in the settings, because they are usually too annoying.
    Agreed, that small banner is the one I use here.
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    nice idea

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    The only reason i haven't used the small ones in the past is because it didn't show rank.

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    I must say.. once in a long while, I revisit this best thread in procon history and reminisce about the fun times I had here.... sorry procon, its you not me, I'm breaking up with you!

    but then, I do still use you everyday so I don't want to totally end it

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    xoxo Morphy! happy bday!

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    Oh Dear

    I think you may be suffering from anthropomorphism of procon. Its not a person - really.

    Having Morpheus may also be a bit of a focus to assist with the anthropomorphism.... Strange...


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    to be perfectly honest, weirdo. i googled antromorphohphiuxujsism... and very very interesting...



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