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    Madrid, Spain


    - They have servers in Madrid, Spain (No other hosting has them for 64 slots)


    - Poor technical support response time (Sometimes +12 hours)
    - Poor support reponses (As if they copied and pasted it without reading my ticket)
    - Many crashes and BLAZE disconnects
    - Bad performance in netcode compared to foreign servers
    - Worse client performance compared to other hosting servers in other countries.

    So far much happier with i3d, even in Germany, where I moved from having 3ms ping to 38ms ping, and I still prefer it!
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    I see GameServers is just as horrific now as they were years ago when we were with them and they did the exact same crap. I can't fathom how they stay in business.

    I doubt there's any provider worse than GameServers.



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