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    Exclamation Two Solutions to fix BROKEN Server Slot Size with R24 & vars.preset ????

    I have a few 16 player TDM servers and when I set them to vars.preset "Hardcore" true I am forced to have 12 player slots and four spectator slots. I also have a 34 players server that runs CQ and is hardcore, but with the command it makes it a 28 player server and no matter what changes it back to 28 playable slots / 2 commander / 4 spectator. If I change those settings in procon it makes my server CUSTOM. The way I found to fix this and still list as Hardcore, even though for a few seconds every now and then on a map change it will list incorrectly but get fixed, with 32 players and only 2 commanders as I wanted it is as follows..

    Solution #1:

    Using PapaCharlie's Simple Command Repeater do the following: (modify for your needs)

    1. Under strings paste the following code:

    vars.preset "Hardcore" true
    vars.alwaysAllowSpectators false
    vars.maxSpectators 0
    vars.maxPlayers 50
    2. Change vars.preset "Hardcore" true to Normal, Custom, Hardcore.
    3. Change vars.alwaysAllowSpectators false -- to true if you want spectators or leave alone.
    4. Change vars.maxSpectators 0 -- change to the amount you desire to have in spectator slots.
    5. Change vars.maxPlayers 50 -- change to your max slots available to be actual players in the battle.
    6. I set the interval between commands to 300, but you can do it as low or high as you want.

    Result is a server that plays hardcore, lists as hardcore, and has the correct player limit as it had prior to R24 without the forced readonly variables taking over.

    Solution #2:

    You will need access to your pbsvuser.cfg located under the PB directory of your hosted BF4 server. If the file doesn't exist you can create it using the following information.

    pb_sv_task 0 200 vars.preset "Hardcore" true
    pb_sv_task 5 200 vars.alwaysAllowSpectators false
    pb_sv_task 10 200 vars.maxSpectators 0
    pb_sv_task 15 200 vars.maxPlayers 16
    You will have to modify this with your values, but you get the point. The delay allows for each command to be excepted and will work on server restarts forever. I prefer this method, but PapaCharlies plugin works just as good and is easier for some.

    I am no teacher, but I hope this helps someone get their server set the way they want until the get rid of this ridiculous PRESET read only variable configs that keep getting broken on every two or three server patches.
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    A source from Trinity Games, who hosts my servers, stated that this specific issue will be addressed next week with yet another server patch. However, in the meantime this will get you back up to listing correctly on Battlelog and populating those servers you all pay money for.


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    I applaud the effort and say thanks for sharing this info madturnip. However when executing these pb_sv_task command(s):

    pb_sv task 5 200 vars.alwaysAllowSpectators
    pb_sv task 10 200 vars.maxSpectators
    pb_sv task 15 200 vars.maxPlayers

    They are not executed or recognized by PB as having been added as tasks. Only pb_sv_task 0 200 vars.preset "NORMAL" true (in my case) returns as being added as a service task. For this to be a workaround for me the vars.maxSpectators & vars.maxPlayers would need to be executed as tasks to fix the spectator slots back to 1 in my case and 32 players respectively.

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    I forgot the _ in-between the sv and task. I will modify the original to show the change!


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    Quote Originally Posted by madturnip View Post
    I forgot the _ in-between the sv and task. I will modify the original to show the change!

    Shoulda caught that myself.... thanks!

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    do not use this solution -- there is no fix -- this will cause random admin kicks from the server!

    This issue, if you are having it, should be fixed this week. R25 or hotfix

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    The reason it kicks players is because you set the preset, this reduces slots and then increases them again via maxSpectators 0.
    I've used InsaneLimits to set vars.maxSpectators to 0 at OnRoundOver and OnRoundStart. Leaving vars.preset out due to this.

    Either way, I can't wait for the fix for this, it's ruining the game experience for some people.

    Another bug with vars.preset is setting the tickets value to preset default without actually changing them.

    Ticket count 150 in TDM. Set vars.preset to Normal at Round Start. Tickets will remain at 150 but the End Round music starts when a 100 tickets are reached.



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