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    1) What do i need to fill in by RESERVATIONMODE: Firstcomefirstserved or reserveslots till respawn?
    Because when i am sniper and i am killed many times i can't respawn as a sniper, so which 1 do i need to use.
    ...lets say you limit to 5 snipers. Firstcomefirstserved means: If the 5th sniper dies, another player can spawn as sniper and the previous "5th" will be punished for exceeding the sniperlimit if he takes a sniper kit again.
    reserveslotstillrespawn: the 6th guy cannot spawn with sniper as long as the dead 5th sniper hasnt respawned with another kit.

    2) Is it possible to limited the rocketlaunchers? And what do i need to fill in for that? can limit each rocket launcher, but not on which targets! (no cg vs inf - is not possible)


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    Hi is it possible to use the weaponlimiter for the tank?
    So when there are 12 players online then the tanks and etc will be usable?

    Grtz madman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Man View Post
    Hi is it possible to use the weaponlimiter for the tank?
    So when there are 12 players online then the tanks and etc will be usable?

    Grtz madman
    Have you seen this page ?

    You can disable tank perks with weapon limiter, but the only way to disable tanks is to disable vehicles per map or game mode.

    You would put this line in your startup.txt - here are a couple of examples

    levelVars.set level levels/mp_009gr vehiclesDisabled true

    levelVars.set gamemode RUSH vehiclesDisabled true

    The following I found here:

    Actually, on some maps (like Panama Canal, Conquest), disabling vehicles only works for the starting base.
    There's a light tank on A and D. To make sure they dont respawn once destroyed, add the line:

    levelVars.set all vehicleSpawnRate 0

    This guy shows a universal tank disable line, but says you have to set the server to unranked to make it work - I haven't tried this.

    Ok - I just tried disabling vehicles on Laguna Presa & Panama - all vehicles are gone on both maps.
    But Panama, to my taste, is too big to not have vehicles.
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    Hi is it possible to use the weaponlimiter for the tank?
    So when there are 12 players online then the tanks and etc will be usable?

    Grtz madman
    Use the "RULZ" plugin !


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    Ok, thanks.
    I am going to try these things.

    Grtz madman81

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    I'm biased because I wrote the ProconRulz plugin, but agree with HelloKitty - You guys should look at the ProconRulz plugin for a couple of reasons:
    1) The plugin details page lists all the weapon keys you need, also online here: - if you stick with WeaponLimiter you still should use that as a source.
    2) ProconRulz installs with pre-defined weapon limits for snipers and tanks so at least you can edit from known working rules
    3) Development of ProconRulz is more recent, starting with the WeaponLimiter codebase, so there are many enhancements even in the area of basic weapon limits, e.g. support for 12-Gauge Sabot Rounds (i.e. shotgun slugs), multi-word weapon keys ("ah64#rocketpod right "), and prevention of the sniper limit workaround of spawning as a Recon and then coming back and picking up your dropped sniper rifle.

    ProconRulz can set a basic sniper limit with a single rule "Kit Recon 2;Kill", but if you want to get fancy you can configure rulz almost any way you want, for certain maps, modes, weapons, damage types, specializations, count and rate limits.

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    any chance to have this plugin in bf3?

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    This doesn't have any effect in BF3 I take it as of yet?

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    hey chaps, 0.4.2 is just not working for me on BC2 vietnam. I've seen that 0.3.7 works but every post giving a link is dead. Any chance someone could upload it again?

    cheers utopiate



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