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    Question Request Help Pls

    hi all ok sorry if this seems nooby I am new to progon I got a rented bf4 server and installed procron

    I would like to ask how do you install the plugins for it I ask my GSP peeps and they said upload to the server is there a topic on how to install plugins !!!! pls

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    I think it depends on your GSP! Some GSP's do not provide a hosted Procon Layer so you will have to Host it yourself or rent another server (Procon Layer Server)!

    If your GSP provides the Procon Layer Server then you have to upload the Plugin file to your FTP from you GSP account and navigate to the proper folder of your Procon files, usually it will say....BF4 > Plugins! (or something like that)!

    Usually the Plugin you want to use will have some general instructions on what file to drop in what folder!

    Hope this helps some for you and points you in the right direction!

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    start by reading the manual..

    are you renting a procon layer from your gsp?



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