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    plugins not loading


    Im using procon for 2 months now with no problem.
    Now my host moved the server (fragnet) to a new IP adres, lots of work to changes stuff.

    Anyway, I logged in trough procon, some program with same plugin installed and got a connection to the new IP
    Now the plugins are not loading, only hte 3 basic ons.

    Also refresh/reload plugins is gone ??

    any idea what going on, even a new download of procon with a new plugin is not showing

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    Reinstalled the procon layer, made conection and again no other plugins showing then the 3 basic one`s

    Anyone a Idea about this or what to try ?

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    Phogues Rubber Duck
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    Are you uploading the plugins to the layer? You need to use ftp to put them into the plugins folder on the layer and then reboot the layer for them to show.

    The reload plugins only shows up for local plugins. Not plugins in the parent layer.

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    Thanks Ike, that helped.

    It was working befor like only in procon, but this is way better.

    All working exept !rules not showing, but thats to fix I think.

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    there was no problem for installing plugins.i am using android pro con last one months there was no problem when updating plugins.



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