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    Also, in official, can you set map rotation?
    Yes and no.

    The intention is that you run "standard" map rotations as defined by DICE. Up until a recent patch, however, you were able to change the map rotation after server restart. There have been reports that that no longer works and the server reverts to a standard map rotation, but your mileage may vary. The details of what Official can and can't do may change with every patch.
    Don't send me private messages (PMs) unless you really need privacy, like your game server password. If you just have a question or need help, post in one of the threads. It's extra work for me to answer questions and give help in private messages and no one else gets the benefit of the answer.

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    I have already install procon and and I want to work but I don't have much idea about it. Anybody can help me.

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    i have some problem! i have ah server in bf4 from 4netplayers and at 1.4 is the new add on bf4 ready and today i cant connected with procon to my server!
    Connection Error: The requested name is valid, but no data of the continued Bankrupts type was found
    always this can sombody helps me thx

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    Few Month ago I install procon its best but sometimes its gives a problem.



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