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    I have no in game admin controls

    So I gave myself full control when I set up my account in the procon panel and still I can not make any in game admin changes in the chat box. It says I do not have the privileges. how can this be? I can not setup any other people as admins with any control either. I am running it through NFO and I also tried their admin controls and nothing works that way either. They have yet to get back to me to tell me what is going on. the only way I can do any admin functions is through the procon control panel itself which is not very good if I want to have other clan mates as admins. They would have to run procon also but I am not sure if more than one person can connect to the server with the procon panel at once.

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    The manual has a section on this

    Generally (it always is) - you have not set your user name in procon as the same as in the game


    procon user = Frankie

    Game nick = frankies

    Kill you self and look at procon logs to see the game nick.
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    It might even be more basic that that: Procon has to be running and connected to the game server for all this to work. Are you using a layer? Did you set up your Procon user account on the layer?
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