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    where does it log the in-game chat bans?

    I'm using the latest verison of Procon and the included in-game admin plug-in. When i ban using the Procon UI, I can see that it logged the banned player to the banlist.txt file. But when I ban using @ban in-game via chat, I don't see those banned players in the banlist.txt file. Is there a different banlist that it is using?

    Thank you!

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    You might have the ingame admin set to ban by punkbuster information, which i hope is not the default.

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    where do you control that, Col?

    edit: I found that I'm banning by EA GUID if using the in-game chat admin commands. Still, that should log the bans to the banlist.txt right?
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    Yes, but not by name, it only shows their guid in the banlist.

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