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    ProCon Frostbite

    prejudice to are a premium player in battlefield 3 in the configuration of the box Premium but I can not activate it

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    try to explain your problem in your native language and someone here could maybe help.

    but I think what you are asking is premium status only?

    put this in your startup.txt or in console in procon: vars.premiumStatus true

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    Here's the problem I are BF3 premium but I can not activate it on procon?

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    From the design view that feature was meant to be used by DICE but also server admins tended to set their servers to premium only.
    You have to make it selectable through Procons options -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Special Switches -> "enable DICE internal switches", then leave the options via OK and restart Procon.


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    Thanks now it works, congratulations to all for your help .....



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