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    Thumbs up Round time limit in all modes now!

    Both my servers with minimal startup file with R12 started showing default round time limit of 60 minutes for both TDM and CQ large. Someone is hell bent on making our lives miserable

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    vars.roundTimeLimit 0
    to your startup.txt

    worked for my conquest large servers.

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    Perhaps they only added a default value if it's not explicitly stated in startup.txt file - I'll have to test it out.

    Edit: Yes, you have to explicitly disable it in startup.txt file and it doesn't affect normal mode.
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    I guess I'm in the minority. If a round goes over 40 minutes I get bored. A 60 minute max would work fine for me.
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    Depends on what you play. For TDM or maps like Prison/Metro, 60 minutes is way too much. For large conquest maps with all vehicles, it can be fun as hell. Especially if both teams are fairly well balanced and the game goes back and forth multiple times during a round and you end a round with 1 ticket difference. Oh sweet heaven

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    A well-balanced round with 0-100 end of round ticket difference with the default 800 ticket setting in conquest large (64p, 2 commanders) will last you about 45 minutes (maximum). I haven't bothered to remove the 60 minute limit for the same reason as PC9.



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