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    Have you encountered the Ghost of TeamKillBan in BF4 ?

    There is something weird going on in BF4 for Hardcore. I jokingly called the title the Ghost of TeamKillBan, but indeed some kind of new setting or variable is automatically perma banning players who trigger an unknown amount of team kills.

    Yesterday, one of the IAF guys was perma banned by Name with this exact reason shown in ProCon:

    His message when banned showed this:
    "Game disconnected: you have been banned from this server. Stated reason: TeamKillBan"

    I checked with the IAF admins and none of them issued this ban. They aren't even allowed to ban another IAF member and we ban by EA_GUID instead of Name. Also, we have a very specific format we use in the ban reason, which will include the banned player's name as well as the admin's initials.

    I do not have anything running that would ban a player for TeamKillBan.

    I scoured the logs and can't find anything to even show me this ban was executed on this particular server. I can't even find the phrase "TeamKillBan" anywhere in the relevant console and chat logs.

    I did a search for the exact phrase/reason of "TeamKillBan" in google and saw that this has happened to two other BF4 servers:


    I believe I now know what is doing this.

    The R10 docs show they have enabled yet another silly restriction to variables, but this time for vars.teamKillKickForBan. (It first showed up in R7, but I don't think it was working until now.)

    In BF3, the Ban Player After X Kicks was set by default to 0 or disabled. ProCon's console shows me the default value for BF4 has been changed to: vars.teamKillKickForBan 3

    In BF4 R10/R11, if you set this to anything other than exactly 3, you go Custom according to the docs; and to stay Ranked, you have to keep it in a range of 3 to 10. In other words, if you want to be Ranked+HC, you have to keep it at 3 exactly per the docs.
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    The vars.teamKillKickforBan variable slipped us through, too.
    The next release of Procon will include a setting for that.

    Besides that it was named in the docs, but I first noticed it while
    adding the presets and have Procon lock those settings which
    will be locked if you use the vars.preset lock boolean.




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