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    [HowTo] Run Procon's auto-updater without auto-restart after patching

    Since this has been asked by several people lately, here's a short HowTo on disabling the auto-restart after patching.

    If you're running Procon's auto-updater with "default" settings, it will kill any Procon instances running in this folder, apply the patches and the re-launch Procon again. However, this behaviour can be unwanted (e.g. if you're running Procon from a webinterface/monitoring system that relies on launching Procon itself), so running the auto-updater to keep up-to-date can be quite problematic.

    You can, however, disable the auto-restart functionality of the auto-updater, which will then just perform the patching and shut down again. In order to do so, create a file named "PRoConUpdater.xml" within Procon's root folder, giving it the following content:

    This should disable the auto-restart and let you launch Procon manually afterwards again.

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